Ten Inducted into Euclid High School Sports Hall of Fame for 2014

Many centuries ago, the ancient Greeks honored their heroes in artwork, drama and in temples. These heroes, and their likenesses which lived on long after they were gone, served as role models to the citizenry for their deeds and the positive attributes they exhibited. In modern times, we do the same for those who have displayed an exceptional level of courage, commitment, sacrifice and leadership in pursuit of excellence. And when it comes to athletic excellence, no one does it better or more consistently than the Euclid Public Schools Alumni Association. On Thursday, Sept. 4, 2014 the EPSAA honored ten men and women at the 28th Annual Euclid High Schools Sports Hall of Fame Banquet and Induction Ceremony.

Nine student-athletes and one coach were inducted in front of a full house of family, friends, teammates and coaches at Tizzano’s Party Center on E. 260th and Tungsten Rd. Chuck Hill, long-time Euclid resident and Chairman of the Sports Hall of Fame Committee, enthusiastically kicked the night off and was followed by the spit and polish of the Euclid High School Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps Color Guard, who presented the U.S. flag, the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem. After dinner, John Telich, Jr., TV Channel 8 Sportscaster and a Euclid High graduate himself, served as Master of Ceremonies for this year’s induction.   

The 2014 Euclid High Schools Sports Hall of Fame Inductees:

Ewald Heise                    Euclid Senior High School ’68       Basketball, Baseball

Edward Delaney              Euclid Senior High School ’78       Football, Wrestling

John Vuyancih                Euclid High School ’92                  Basketball, Baseball

Matt Hoffman                 Euclid High School ’95                  Baseball

Mike Hoffman                 Euclid High School ’95                 Baseball

Monroe L. Hillsman, Jr.    Euclid High School ’97               Football, Track, Basketball

Tamika Drake                 Euclid High School ‘00                 Volleyball, Basketball, Softball

Heather Palmer               Euclid High School ‘04                 Track, Basketball

Brandon Smith                Euclid High School ’04                Football, Track

John Gibbons                  Coach                                         Soccer

Also honored were members of the outstanding 1968 boys’ basketball team which made it to the Final Four in the Ohio State Basketball Tournament that year.

While each inductee’s acceptance speech was unique, often sprinkled with humor and emotion, the common thread was gratitude. Gratitude for the opportunity to compete at a high level of athleticism, gratitude for the support and inspiration of family and teammates, gratitude for the mentorship, patience, trust and knowledge of their coaches and finally, gratitude for their selection into a special group of student-athletes who achieved great things, not just on the fields of competition, but also in their personal and professional lives long after high school graduation.

Thanks to the Euclid High Schools Sports Hall of Fame Committee, we continue to recognize sport and sportsmanship, through the inspirational stories of student-athletes who displayed high levels of achievement and the many positive attributes that athletics can provide. The tireless efforts of the Committee continue to ensure that the accomplishments of our student-athletes, coaches and school administrators will inspire others as they humbly serve as role models for the people of the city of Euclid. As in the arts, academics and other areas of endeavor, a strong sense of community develops around those whose exploits, like the ancient Greek heroes, will be remembered and ultimately emulated by those who follow.   

The actual Sports Hall of Fame “shrine” is located in Euclid High School (711 E. 222nd St.) in the hallway between the main gym and pool, where the plaques of all 300 inductees are hung.

Greg Fondran

Greg Fondran is a proud Euclid native who attended the Euclid City Schools from Kindergarden to 12th Grade and happy to be living along the shores of Lake Erie in a community with incredible people and unlimited potential.

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