Warrior Track and Field Teams Finish Strong at Championship Meets

3rd-5th Grade Warrior Track and Field Team

Student-Athletes from Ss. Robert and William, Our Lady of the Lake, and St. John of the Cross competed together as a single solid Euclid team to finish a great season during Championship Weekend on May 17 and 18.  The Warrior Track and Field Team, sponsored by Ss. Robert and William Parish, competed in three separate meets for the 8th grade, 6th and 7th grades, and 3rd-5th grades.  The competitions began at Bedford High School with the 8th grade meet yielding excellent performances by Andrew Kijauskas (3rd in Discus), Tommy Lombardo (personal records in shot put and 400m), Karli DeChant (3rd in Discus), Morgan Balazs (7th in 1600), Grace Grove (3rd in High Jump), and Jade Van Kirk.  Andrew, Karli, and Grace advanced to the Diocesan Championship Meet where each placed in their respective events.

The 6th and 7th grade boys and girls teams competed at Bedford High School with St. Clare, Gesu, Notre Dame, Mater Dei, St. John Vianney, and several other Cleveland area teams.  The Warrior boys and girls teams both took home the runner-up trophies with notable performances by Carmyn Cremonese (1st in Running Long Jump and 4x100), Danielle Tarsitano (3rd in hurdles, 1st in 4x100), Sion Williams (1st in hurdles and 4x100), Erin Prendergast (1st in 800 m and 4x100), Christian Wilson (3rd in 100m and 4x200), Sarah Ward (3rd in High Jump and 4x200), Voni Jones (5th in Long Jump and 3rd in 4x200), Hannah Franczyk (6th in 400m), and Ariona Washington (4th in Shot Put).  The boys scored with Jason Repasy (1st in 800, 2nd in 1600 and Running Long Jump), Tyrone Williams (5th in High Jump, 3rd in 4x100), Matthew Fronzcyk (8th in 100m, 3rd in 4x100 relay), Sean Jones (3rd in 4x100 relay, PR Shot Put/Discus), Anthony Sweet (5th in 800m, 6th in 1600m), Owen Lisac (2nd in Discus, PR in Shot Put), and Ronald Wilson (6th in hurdles, 3rd in 4x100.)  Terron Clark served as assistant coach, cheering his team to victory.  Patrick Eppich, Stanley Jenovic, and Matthew McGinn contributed with fine performances throughout the season.

The 3rd-5th grade Track and Field team competed with over 400 athletes from 15 teams at the St. Anselm Invitational for their final meet of the season.  The Warrior team made their mark with 35 athletes earning awards!  Great performances by the girls included Anna Lisac (3rd in 1600m, 5th Running Long Jump), Sarah Grubach (5th in 800m, 2nd 4x100), Kathleen Delaney (4th in 4x100), Victoria Baioni (7th in Shot Put), Amy Conway (5th Running Long Jump, 7th 100m), Simone Knox (1st in shot, 3rd in 100m), Erin Wilson (3rd in Shot Put), Sophia Pomnean (2nd in 4x100), Sofia Thornhill  (5th in Shot Put), Sammy Turk (5th in Long Jump, 2nd 4x100), Emily Reichert (5th in 4x100), Makaila Alexander (8th in 400m), Mary Lombardo (1st in 800m, 4th in Shot Put), Margo Balazs (4th in 4x100), Tiana Hall (3rd in 4x200), Ella Lisac (2nd in 1600m, 3rd Running Long Jump), Arianna Wallace (1st in Shot Put, 3rd 4x200), Grace Delaney (2nd in 4x100), Clara Maruna (4th in 100m and Running Long Jump), Katherine Pomnean (3rd in High Jump).   The boys made their mark with Francis Lanigan (6th in Shot Put), Dylan Wimbs (3rd in Shot Put), Charlie Eppich (2nd in Shot Put, 4th 100m), Dennis Farahani (PR in 200m), Andre Terry (1st in 100, 2nd in 400m), Sean Hudson (1st in 200m), Jaron Cox (PR in Shot Put), Fillipo Pavlica (5th in 4x200), Cooper Coyne (5th in 4x200), Sam Roll (1st in High Jump), Neil Jones (2nd in 1600m), Thomas Sweet (3rd in 4x200), Jason Miller (8th in Shot Put, 3rd in 4x200), Andre Rodgers (2nd in 100m, 4th Running Long Jump), and Michael Ward (4th in 1600m).  Team mates Vanessa Rivers, Madison Jablonski, Sydney Freeman, Mychal Simmons, Amanda Ostroske, and Julianne Wallenhorst also greatly contributed to the team throughout the season!

Coaches Maura Sweet, Kristi Ward, Rhonda Lisac, Maurice Washington, Tom Tarsitano, Boo Prendergast, Matt Sweet, and Laurene Sweet are very proud of all the athletes and look forward to a great season next year!

Laurene Sweet

Laurene Sweet, a parishioner of Ss. Robert and William, serves as Head Coach for the Warrior Track and Field Team.  

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Volume 5, Issue 5, Posted 6:28 PM, 06.09.2014