K.I.D.S. F.U.S. I. O. N.

Fusion Fitness and the Frances Marie Jackson Dream Foundation are proud to announce, K.I.D.S.  F.U.S.I.O.N., a program to help eliminate childhood obesity. It is designed to equip and encourage youth to develop healthier lifestyles by emphasizing  total wellness. K.I.D.S. F.U.S.I.O.N., will teach youth Knowledge of self, the power of Imagination and Dreams and  that they are Sacred. The belief is that by guarding the Freedom to achieve Uninhibited Success , we can Inspire Others around us Now.

As participants in K.I.D.S. F.U.S.I.O.N., students will work with a team of professionals including trainers, a nutritionist, and a life coach, to get fit, identify the causes of their unhealthy habits, create strategies to transform their physical, mental, and emotional attitudes toward becoming healthier and improve their overall health statistics.

This program is free, but space is limited. Eligible applicants include middle and high school students who have a sincere desire to change their life by improving their emotional, mental and physical health. It is not required that participants have a diagnosis of obesity to participate. For more information, contact Shanita@fusionfitnesstraining.net

Shanita S Tartt

Dhanita the Corporate Sales manager for Fusion Fitness and am excited about our role in Making Euclid healthier!

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Volume 5, Issue 5, Posted 7:35 PM, 06.09.2014