Review of Fusion Fitness Training & Wellness from an Admitted Fitness Skeptic

Eric demonstrating one of his favorite torture techniques, the rope jiggle.

At Fusion Fitness Training & Wellness, Owner Eric Price looks the part of a personal trainer/gym owner, or at least that’s what I mused to myself the first I saw him. Thoughts about never judging a book by its cover aside, I was not particularly convinced anyone could get me into shape, but I at least wanted a beefy trainer that I could point to as evidence of my efforts.

Having been very active as a child, I was always in fairly good shape. Life, particularly graduate school got the better of me, and then I was not in that great of shape.  Having finished school and settled in a relatively consistent routine with my employer I realized I had run out of excuses.

A product of competitive sports, the majority of my physical fitness training came from angry coaches who threw chairs like toddlers when we did not meet or exceed expectations.  The ever-present threat of flying furniture motivated me to run harder, jump higher, etc. We were motivated or we were benched. But the same abusive epithets which drove my performance, were also the exact reason why I left sports

Never one to beat around the bush, I told Eric that I did not want to be screamed at, but I wanted someone to be accountable to.  During my initial meeting, owners Eric Price and Dana Vince explained that they had worked to create a fusion program which combines holistic and traditional services to enlighten and empower the complete person. I almost snickered. I am not a fitness junkie, not really. I am very skeptical. What I wanted was a program that got me into my skinny jeans, not a program to enlighten or improve my whole person.

Chalking their explanation up to some sort of elysian fitness-fanatic fantasy of what I really think is just an hour or so treadmill hell--I acquiesced because really, how had my approach been working for me?

Despite my misgivings, Mr. Price draws on a lifetime of experience and training to produce a deeply personal approach for every single one of his clients. Can you text your personal trainer and tell him you got into your hopelessly skinny skirt that your bought just to torture yourself? Because I can. Will your trainer really care? Because mine does.

Eric does all of the normal things that you would expect a trainer to do, including piling on more weight and more cardio when you are impossibly tired, but he also quietly reprograms the way you think about yourself including the way you approach tasks. He is supportive and encouraging, but not goading and overbearing.

Despite my inclination to initially roll my eyes, I have lifted more weight and participated in running competitions, which I would not have even considered before because of the subtle shift in my mindset. He had showed me that I can do it and indeed, I can.

If the day should come that I no longer am able to go to Fusion, Eric has given me with the skillset to continue with my personal fitness goals alone including weight training and nutrition counseling. More importantly, he eliminated my self-doubt which in my estimation is priceless.

Services offered at Fusion include: customized workout plans, life/wellness coaching, group fitness, nutritional services, personalized fitness instruction, flexible club hours, massage, as well as free monthly wellness, motivation, nutritional and educational seminars to help members stay current on their fitness goals.

The 12,000 square foot facility features free-weights, resistance machines and unlimited cardio.

Interested in learning more? Visit the facility for a customized fitness plan at 25831 Euclid Avenue or call at 216.731.FITT (3488). 

Nicole Musgrave

Economic Development Coordinator, City of Euclid

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Volume 5, Issue 3, Posted 12:40 PM, 04.11.2014