Senator Voinovich Inspires Students

Senator Voinovich sees student work first-hand

Former Senator George Voinovich visited Our Lady of the Lake School recently, to learn about some of the school’s new initiatives.  Visiting classrooms and computer labs, observing school election posters lining the main floor, seeing the halls come to life with enthusiastic young students, he got to see first-hand a thriving community school of active, engaged learners.

The students of Mrs. Patterson’s fourth grade class were delighted to tell the Senator everything they’ve been learning about anthropological science (it turns out the Senator has quite a fossil collection himself!).  And the seventh grade students working in the new computer lab were eager to share their current projects researching and creating videos to document important environmental issues.  While the Senator was impressed with the cutting edge technology and the students’ advanced applications, they in turn were impressed to learn of the Senator’s own commitment to environmental stewardship. 

The project closest to the Senator’s heart, however, may have been the newly announced eighth grade trip to Washington, DC. Senator Voinovich recalled his own first trip to Washington as a youth, and the ways in which that experience formed his personal commitment to public service.  Given the long and esteemed career that resulted from that early adventure, it is exciting to think that we may be nurturing one of our next great leaders right here. The students look forward to the Senator’s advice and guidance as they plan the details of their trip.

Our Lady of the Lake School is very fortunate to have tremendous resources like Senator Voinovich available in the community, helping to further the commitment to Faith, Academics and Community.  We know that educating the whole child, to be positive contributors to our society, successful scholars and future leaders, takes a strong team working together.  Thank you, Senator Voinovich, for being a role model and mentor and part of our community’s team!

Sarah Gyorki

Sarah Gyorki

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Volume 5, Issue 1, Posted 9:33 PM, 02.07.2014