Local Gem Joe's Home of the Blues Welcomes Old and New Friends Alike

Owner/Operator Joe Harper from Joe's Home of the Blues and his iconic look.

Joe’s proves certain communalities are required among patrons while drinking socially.

That being said, if a bar is a small city with shared values, owner-operator Joe Harper is the Mayor and his priority is safety. Maybe that is not exactly how he explained his approach to bar management, but you get the drift. 

Having said that, if you are a 30-something (strictly 30 and over only, please) and consider keeping your hands to yourself a priority, prepare to sit back and enjoy all that Joe’s has to offer.

Peering over the bar with his iconic dark glasses and a faux-fur ushanka cap, Joe is king and you are lucky to be a pawn in his kingdom.

With drinks this cheap, you will probably be ordering two at a time. In case you didn’t know, you are having the bar’s signature drink, a Long Island iced tea, but find yourself another driver. Otherwise, the RTA stop is right out front. You will need it.

Entertainment changes daily, ranging from karaoke to live jazz music to deejays to oldies. Either way, no matter the night or the occasion (Joe’s also has a steal of a party room downstairs at $125/night), you are in for a long night with good friends.

Indeed, Joe’s is definitely the kind of place you can become a regular, afford to do so and get the level of face recognition that makes you want to check back in with your old friends at that spot down the road.

All said, having been in the bar business since 1972, Joe Harper is a practiced hand and patrons benefit from his experience. 

Joe’s Home of the Blues is located at 26191 Euclid Avenue. For questions please call 216-261-9330. 

Nicole Musgrave

Economic Development Coordinator, City of Euclid

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Volume 5, Issue 1, Posted 9:41 PM, 02.07.2014