New Day Academy Fuels Future in Medicine with Internships at Cleveland Cliic

Julai Matthews prepares hospital garments for patients

The basement is an endless maze of sterile-looking corridors. Massive robotic machines transporting mega-loads of supplies churn their way up and down the hallways. People wearing white lab coats pass by at a pace that conveys intensity. It’s a futuristic scene that bears resemblance to a science fiction movie teeming with suspense. 

But this is no movie. The stakes are much higher than the cost of a movie ticket. This is The Cleveland Clinic – known across the globe for its cutting-edge innovation. And navigating her way with ease through the esteemed hospital system is New Day Academy Junior, Julai Matthews, on her way to her next assignment.

Julai is part of NDA’s Career Internship Program with The Cleveland Clinic. It’s a partnership that has been in place for years and offers New Day Academy Juniors the opportunity to explore the medical field as a potential career possibility. Julai aspires to enter the field of medicine one day and finds the internship program offered by New Day Academy an invaluable resource. When asked what she most enjoys about her internship with The Cleveland Clinic, Matthews responds, “It gives me the chance to get real hands-on experience. I don’t think I’d be able to get this kind of experience anyplace else.”

Julai is just 1 of 9 NDA students who intern at the Clinic every Tuesday and Thursday, with round-trip transportation provided by New Day. Each student intern is assigned specific duties by Cleveland Clinic Volunteer Coordinator, Kevin Phipps. From transporting patients by wheelchair to delivering charts to physicians, Phipps keeps a masterful eye on the students’ activities, ensuring they are exposed to a full range of hospital procedures.

Apparently, it’s a partnership that has payoff for both New Day Academy students and The Cleveland Clinic. Phipps comments, “We really appreciate having the students. They pick up things quickly and they are a big help to us.”

NDA’s partnership with The Cleveland Clinic is representative of a broad range of internship programs offered by the school. Founded in 2004 by Mr. Terrance Walton, New Day Academy, located in Euclid, prepares its students in grades K – 12 to become the leaders of tomorrow. Walton stands firm in the belief that every child deserves a world-class school. To NDA’s student-interns, that means gaining experience from world-class organizations such as The Cleveland Clinic.

Sandra Ferrara

I am a proud supporter and employee of New Day Academy, a tuition-free, K thru 12 Community School located in the Shore Cultural Center in Euclid, Ohio. We have been preparing children to become leaders in their community for over 10 years. Why? NDA believes that every child deserves access to a world-class education - one which opens doors of opportunity for a lifetime!

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Volume 4, Issue 10, Posted 1:09 PM, 11.11.2013