NDA Students Support Breast Cancer Awareness

New Day Academy students and faculty host Breast Cancer Awareness Day

New Day Academy’s 10th grade girls demonstrated their dedication to raising awareness of breast cancer by collecting donations from fellow students, and giving a voice to all those who’ve been affected by the disease. Collaborating with New Day’s Student Council, the girls hosted a Breast Cancer Awareness Day on Thursday, October 31.

Student, Chardelle Wills, who first thought of the idea, states, “I like helping people and since October is breast cancer awareness month I thought this would be a good way to raise money.” All students who donated in advance were allowed to wear pink shirts, socks, and accessories to support finding a cure for breast cancer. All proceeds will benefit breast cancer awareness.  

Sandra Ferrara

I am a proud supporter and employee of New Day Academy, a tuition-free, K thru 12 Community School located in the Shore Cultural Center in Euclid, Ohio. We have been preparing children to become leaders in their community for over 10 years. Why? NDA believes that every child deserves access to a world-class education - one which opens doors of opportunity for a lifetime!

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Volume 4, Issue 10, Posted 1:06 PM, 11.11.2013