Grandparents Are Golden at Ss. Robert & William Catholic School

Nic embraces his special guest

For 40+ years, the parish school at Ss. Robert & William Catholic Church has been celebrating “Grandparent's Day.”  This is a unique day where students and their grandparents/special guests are embraced and recognized.

This year’s celebration, at Ss. Robert & William Catholic School, began by uniting at Mass to celebrate the gift of these special relationships. In his homily, Pastor, Fr. John D. Betters, spoke of the bond that exists within this family unit. He told of the loving relationship he had with his own grandparents. “I believe it is important that you learn from each other,” states Betters. He continues, “For example, the students can share their gifts, such as their contemporary knowledge of technology. On the other hand, grandparents and special guests can provide the nurturing and loving environment that is so needed in today’s world. Additionally, grandparents can pass down important traditions and stories that help to define the child.”

The church was filled to capacity with students and guests and when Mass had concluded they processed to the school.  Melanie Strukel joined in the activities with her granddaughter who attends the school. “It was so much fun spending time with my granddaughter in her school environment. I was so warmly welcomed and enjoyed the special events that were planned for us,” she said. 

In this day and age, when it is critical that we preserve the family structure, Ss. Robert & William Catholic School strives to strengthen and build the bonds that exist within these most wonderful intergenerational relationships. This traditional Grandparent’s Day celebration is just one venue which encourages unity, both as a family unit and as part of the greater parish community.

(Additional Contributor: Ms. Maureen Frydl)

Ellen Ivory

Director of Development and Discipleship at Ss. Robert & William Catholic Parish, Euclid Chamber of Commerce Trustee, Euclid Hospital Leadership Council, Euclid Symphony Orchestra Trustee

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Volume 4, Issue 9, Posted 12:04 PM, 10.14.2013