What do realtors do in their free time?

Jan Horvath

What’s free time?  “When you love what you do, you will never work another day in your life.”  I don’t remember whose quote that is, but Melissa and I are living proof.

It’s been a year since Melissa joined me in this wonderful journey called Real Estate; it’s been one of my best years in Real Estate. I like to say she’s a born natural. In her first year she has helped good people that bad things happen to stay in their homes. Her 20 year banking career has certainly been a great asset. Yes, I said she has helped people STAY in their homes.

She has an earned knowledge that is unique to our market. Most Lost Mitigation Managers do not go into commission-only careers. When we go on a listing appointment in this market it’s not just a "Sign here" deal. We try to find out what your true motivation is. We have found in the course of a lot of conversations that the seller really doesn’t want to move, but can’t afford to live in their home any longer. With Melissa's knowledge and contacts she has been able to refer these potential sellers to the right people; get the loan modified to a payment the homeowner can afford so they can STAY in their homes.

Yes, we don’t get the listing, we don’t get the commission. What we do get is peace of mind that we did the right thing.  Don’t forget most of the botched short sales go into foreclosure. If owners stay in their homes we maintain the value and integrity of the neighborhoods.

It's winter time, I can’t go play golf now, give us a call, we have plenty of free time for you.

Jan Horvath, Realtor, 216-401-3594. Melissa Horvath, Realtor, 216-496-4668.

Jan Horvath

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Volume 4, Issue 1, Posted 12:56 PM, 02.13.2013