Are you a first time homebuyer and don't know it?

I was!  In 2005 I was working as a Branch Manager for Howard Hanna, Smythe, Cramer Co., I was involved in every transaction and saw an abundance of transactions of single mothers with assistance from a program at the time that was  titled “Coming Home.”  I looked into this and saw that it was initiated from a local non-profit Housing Service. I signed up for the class just to see what it was about and why so many women that wouldn’t be able to buy were great qualified buyers. 

What a wonderful program and learning experience, they taught budgeting and how to repair your credit. I sat there and listened and was totally impressed by the presenters. At that time I was recently divorced and had sold my home of 28 years. I had not purchased a new home and was living in a rental, to coin an old phrase; I was getting my act together. I was thinking to myself how wonderful it would be if I could take advantage of this. Then the instructor stated that divorced women were qualified because they were considered “Displaced Home Makers.” I’ve been in my home for 6 years; I bought within a month of taking the class.

The Organization is still going strong, I’m about to attend the annual luncheon as a volunteer for the program. It’s now open to everyone, not just single moms, and they have down payment assistance programs. Taking this class will qualify you for the Euclid Down Payment Assistance Program. 

These are some of the statistics of 2010-11: 2,842 clients received pre and post purchase homeownership education, 1807 foreclosure prevention clients, 131 new homeowners, $13.2 million of investments in new homeowners. 

Please call us if you are interested in achieving homeownership.

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Jan Horvath

Realtor RE/MAX Traditions

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Volume 3, Issue 4, Posted 10:39 AM, 05.04.2012