Euclid Beach cleanup season is off to a great start!

You never know what you'll find!

Volunteers from the Collinwood Masonic Lodge #582, a women's rugby team, General Electric employees, college and high school students and neighborhood residents came together in mid-March for the first Euclid Beach cleanup of 2011. They managed to collect an absolute hands-down record of 234 pounds of trash, over 75 pounds of which was recycled!  Thanks to those hard working volunteers who collected over 850 cigar tips, close to 200 plastic bags bottles and cans and well over 150 plastic and paper bags! The most "unique" items collected included a freezer door and a construction barrel! 

Volunteers joined forces again in mid-April to continue their clean-up efforts. But this is only the beginning of a long and active year ahead! With summer around the corner, we are going to need your help! Now more than ever join volunteers just like you this summer along with over 7,000 other volunteers across the Great Lakes as we tackle some of the toughest months of the year for beach and water quality!  Remember, our Great Lakes constitute over one-fifth of the earth's fresh surface water. Let’s at least take care of the beaches in our own community!  

For more information on the Euclid Beach Adopt-a-Beach Team, e-mail Stephen Love at or call (216) 571-0685. Interested on-liners can visit the Euclid Beach Adopt-a-Beach Team on Facebook at

Stephen Love

I am team leader of the Euclid Beach Adopt-a-Beach program. Each month our team conducts cleanups and water tests at Euclid Beach State Park. I am currently a graduate student at CSU pursuing a Masters of Public Administration.

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