Euclid Senior Programs Receive Donations from Eaton Family Credit Union, AARP

Kathy Will, Euclid Senior Programs, Geneva, Volunteer, Mike Losneck, Eaton Family Credit Union

Euclid seniors have been the benefactors of two rather substantial donations in the past couple months.

Eaton Family Credit Union donated a Nintendo Wii console and controllers to the Euclid Senior program, which is housed at the Lakefront Community Center.  AARP also donated $668 to purchase a new television for the centers' dining room.

“This is great facility, but they need more to do.” said credit union President Mike Losneck.

According to Senior Program Manager Kathy Will, the Wii has already become one of the more popular programs offered by the center. 

“It’s been a cold and snowy winter, so now is a great time to get the seniors moving,” said Will.  “We’re going to start a Wii bowling league right away.”

Plans are also in the works to raise funds for a new high definition television to use with the Wii.  Eaton Family Credit Union will have a hand in that fundraiser as well.              

For more information on Euclid Senior Programs, please call Judy at (216) 289-2700  Ext. #3975

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Volume 2, Issue 1, Posted 4:48 PM, 03.20.2011